Movies in Review: “Despicable Me 2”

Despicable_Me_2_posterThe big kid in me has anticipated this movie for over a year now. I absolutely loved the first one, and left the theatre without any thoughts of them releasing a second movie. However, as excited as I was to see this movie, I was hoping that it wouldn’t be horrible and ruin the feelings I had for the first movie. Thank goodness it didn’t.

The second installment returned with the same directors, screenwriters, and producers, so this movie had the same fun and appeal of the first. I enjoyed everything about this movie. I loved the story and how things progressed without me feeling like I was missing something. The minions played a bigger part in this movie, which I enjoyed. Carell was even more appealing and comical as Gru in this one, but I think a lot of that had a lot to do with the new character Lucy played by Kristen Wiig. Lucy was an awesome addition to the cast. She was my favorite character in this movie. And don’t get me started on the musical soundtrack. All I have to say is that Pharell did his thing, and was a musical match made in heaven.

This movie is the perfect family movie, and any adult who enjoyed this will love this one just as much. Despicable Me 2 is a must see…enough said…A!


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I am creative by nature, and analytical by design. My escape from the riff raff of everyday life is a great movie. I do not title myself as a movie critic. I am a part of the viewing audience simple and plain. I started this blog to give a real life review of films, as an avid movie goer. Movies are expensive, and not always worth the money. I hope my reviews help you in your descision.
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4 Responses to Movies in Review: “Despicable Me 2”

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Maybe I’m just old and cynical, but I wasn’t charmed at all by this movie. Just slightly bored. Good review Taj.

  2. Lucy was a great character indeed. I liked this one. I liked Monsters University more, but this was a fun family movie. Nice review.

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