Movies in Review: “Let Me Explain”

Kevin_Hart_Let_Me_ExplainKevin Hart by far is one of the hottest comedians hitting the stage now, and all of his success is definitely well deserved. This man is funny as Hell. I was able to see his earlier stand up Laugh at my Pain live, and spent money to watch it on the big screen when it was released in theaters, and I laughed just as hard the second time as I did seeing it live. I did not have the same luck getting a ticket for his Let Me Explain tour, so I was definitely anticipating its movie release.

All I have to say is I love you Kevin Hart but I’m glad I paid $14 to see this in a theatre instead of spending $60+ to see this show live. Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny, but not half as comical as Seriously Funny or Laugh at My Pain. These earlier movies had me pissing in my pants from beginning to end, but I only cracked up a few times on Let Me Explain…all I have to say is Bum Bumps…Lmao

Unfortunately the material for Let Me Explain was weak. We were use to him joking on his own personal life, family and experiences, but on this tour the jokes felt more general. The jokes were so general I didn’t feel the connection I felt with the other 2 comedy tours. His jokes kind of rambled, and you could tell that the audience in Madison Square Garden wasn’t feeling it either. Unlike his other comedy tours, there were very few audience shots, and when you did see the audience, people weren’t laughing out loud.

Kevin is in a different and much happier space, and in my opinion, doesn’t need to hit the stage for a while. I thing he should take a break from touring for a while so we have a chance to miss him and he has a chance to get some better material. He has his own “reality” show, many movie roles, so he will still remain relevant…but lets be honest…the best comedians realize that eventually they will leave the stage, at least for a while. Kevin this is your time…

Let Me Explain was funny, but compares nothing to Seriously Funny and Laugh at My Pain. You make your own decision about purchasing a ticket to see this one…B-


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  1. I’d much rather watch shows like this when they end up on Comedy Central. Glad to know it was still funny

    • Well I could have done that, but I would have paid more if I would have been able to get tickets on his tour, which would have been considerably more than a movie ticket purchase. So I feel like this was still a win win for me.


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