Movies in Review: “Smurfs 2”

The_Smurfs_2_posterI adore the original Smurfs and was happy with the first movie version for the animated TV series. I didn’t expect there to be a second movie, and really didn’t think a second movie was necessary when I saw the trailer. But I absolutely adore the Smurfs, so it was in my plans to still see this film.

I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first movie, but it was still cute. The second installment gets a little too sappy, and has a little too much going on. I enjoyed the new naughty smurfs, voiced by Christina Ricci and J.B. Smoove. It was the addition of Blue and Patrick’s father that made it feel like a casting overload. Honestly Patrick’s father was cool, but Blue was annoying and a waste of film…bleh. Patrick’s father had more relevance to the overall story, but the storyline between him and Patrick dragged on through the movie. I think there should have been more Smurf’s and less Patrick and his father.

The Smurfs were great as always, although I can’t understand why Papa Smurfs voice was so annoying to me in this movie…smh. But other than that, they were a joy to watch. I enjoyed having Vanity Smurf tag along in this movie, but Clumsy is always my favorite.

This movie is cool and cute. I felt that it ran a little long, and the story was less interesting than the first, but it was ok, and the kids in the theatre I was in still seemed to enjoy it. Adults may find themselves bored here and there, but I think the kids will still enjoy it…B-


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One Response to Movies in Review: “Smurfs 2”

  1. A “B” is a bold rating for this highly unnecessary sequel. B for Boxoffice BOMB! perhaps. 🙂

    can’t pay me to see this one. ha. I might venture to say that this entire movie was a “waste of film.”

    You are braver than I in seeing this. I, like Fogs, feel for the parents who are dragged to this with their kids. 😉

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