Movies in Review: “Riddick”

Ok let me first start this review off by revealing that I am not a fan of this franchise. As a matter of fact this is the first movie out of the 3 that I have seen. So I have no background story for this 3rd installment, and this was the only one that actually interest me enough to pay money to see it. I am not the biggest fan of Vin Diesel, so although the trailer looked interesting, I wasn’t expecting to be overly thrilled.

Well all I have to say is the first 15min of Riddick was exhausting…geesh. I think they packed the opening scenes with way too much stuff and by the end of the movie I was totally feeling like Riddick’s survival rate is a little unbelievable and ridiculous. But I’m guessing this is who his character is?

Vin Diesel was the same old Vin Diesel, delivering his lines in the same way he delivers all his lines in movies. There is really nothing exceptional about him as an actor. Luckily for him he is surrounded by people who can actually act. I enjoyed the co-stars more than Riddick, even his pet hyenia…lol. Doll had to be my favorite character. She kept doing things I would never expect her to do, making the movie fun. The action sequences with Riddick weren’t that spectacular to me, but most you who are fans will find entertaining. The ending was predictable and lame, setting things up for another film…eh.

I am not a Riddick fan, and I am still not a Riddick fan. I didn’t hate this movie, but I can’t say I will be stepping into the theater to see another one of these films. It was the sub characters that carried this movie in my opinion, but I’m sure a true Riddick fan would beg to differ. The good thing is that I got what I expected, and maybe even a little more…C+


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  1. If you get a chance you should check out Pitch Black. It is a pretty scary Scifi film.

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