Movies in Review: “Rush”

Ummmmmmm…Chris Hemsworth…enough said…This is all I needed to peek my interest in this film. I…Love…Me some…Chris Hemsworth…LOVE! Ok now that I got that out and wipe the drool from my mouth we can continue with this review…lol…Whew!
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I am a fan of biographical flicks just because I love watching someone’s story come to life, and with Ron Howard in the director’s seat there was no doubt that I would love this movie…and I did. Where do I start. What a great story. Both characters were so intriguing. The rivalry between these two drivers was so riveting that it kept a great pace for the film. Outside of racing, we also get a taste of who these men are. There was just enough character development outside racing to give you enough of who these men were. Hemsworth was great as James Hunt, and really seemed to capture his essence. It is expected that Hemsworth would own every scene he is in, but Bruhl who plays Lauda, held his own. The casting for this movie was perfect, except for Olivia Wilde. I don’t know, although her part was small she brought almost nothing to any scene she was in. Her role could have been cast by an unknown, one who actually looked like a runway model…ijs.

Besides the story, and acting performances it was the camera angles/shots that made the movie for me. The camera angles were amazing and made the racing scenes come to life. Ron Howard did a great job of bringing us onto the track, and behind the wheel…beautiful. The filming and music was like art, adding life to a blank canvas.

Rush is titled appropriately because there is no way you will leave the theater without feeling it. This is one of the best stories I have seen in a while. It is a great watch. I wouldn’t recommend for kids, but all you grown folks definitely need to check it out…A+!


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