Movies in Review: “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete”

I’m sure many of you may have not heard of this movie. I think I saw the theatrical poster first, and then only saw the trailer for this film once. Honestly, the poster was enough to spark my interest for this movie, with the faces of Jeffrey Wright, Anthony Mackie, and Jennifer Hudson plastered on the front. The trailer only solidified it being a movie I had to see.

The young leads are played by two newcomers Skylan Brooks (Mister), and Ethan Dizon (Pete). The leads were perfectly cast because these two characters played off and complimented each other so well. Mister is über resourceful, and a kid who knows the streets, while Pete is sweet and naïve, both have vulnerabilities that may have you shedding a few tears. This hard knock life may prove to be a tear jerker for most of you, but you will also find yourself laughing and falling in love with these two.

Jennifer Hudson’s role was small, but her performance was strong. Jeffrey Wright is always a great addition to any movie, playing any role, so you will never hear any complaints from me with his performance. Ummmmmm…Anthony Mackie…his look in this movie was doing it for me. Never seen this man look so fine (ok I know this has nothing to do with the movie…but I had to share ladies…lol) I loved him as the character Kris. It was the writing that really made these characters shine. It kept the movie “real”, which I enjoyed the most. Jordin Sparks??? Couldn’t figure out the relevance of her character, and thought her relationship with Mister was weird. Could have used more background on that part of the story. I also wasn’t the happiest with the way the story ended…But anywho…

This movie was well written and performed. You will cringe at the obstacles these two young characters have to overcome, but feel joy with their strength and resilience. I had fun watching Mister & Pete, and I think you will too…B+


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