Movies in Review: “The Counselor”

The trailer for this movie had very little appeal, it was the cast that brought me into the theater to see this movie. Brad Pitt is one of my favorite actors, as well as Fassbender, and I have a strange thing going for Bardem ever since seeing him in No Country For Old Men, a movie a enjoyed. Although the trailer made little sense, I was hoping it was a marketing ploy to draw people in. Unfortunately this was not the case…

This movie will leave you with so many unanswered questioned, you might find yourself more annoyed than anything. I was truly at a loss with this one. There was a point where I thought I had a clue, then the movie ended and I was lost again. The only consistent piece in this movie was a green truck that people were getting killed over. There is very little development anywhere else. I have no idea who the truck originally belonged to, who got the truck at the end, and what was Diaz’s role in all of this.

Here are a few story lines that were too under developed. What was Rosie Perez put in the story for? I thought her character would have been more relevant, but ended up being a waste of time. Her son seemed more relevant to the story, but we only see him zipping by in a few scenes, with no dialogue. Can someone explain why Diaz went to a confessional?…so random. And who was Diaz working for, the gentleman at the end of the movie? Who was he? I enjoyed Pitt and a Bardem, but Pitt wasn’t used nearly enough, and I wish I had a clearer understanding of Bardem and Fassbender’s relationship.

This movie is real erotic, sometimes even a bit over the top. It’s a little slow at the beginning, but picks up very well in the middle, and then totally flops at the end. I enjoyed the middle so much though that it has me on the verge of giving it a decent grade. Unfortunately there were more holes in the story leaving me unfulfilled…C-


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