Movies in Review: “Ender’s Game”

Hmmmmm…what was I expecting from this movie??? I was expecting a strong story with some fun action scenes, and characters that were exciting. The trailer made it look as if this is exactly what I should expect. So like many of you, I was excited to get into the theater to see this one. Now how many of you walked out of the theater satisfied…#NotMe…

This movie was nothing more than child’s play. It was a video game with dialogue added for drama. There was very little exciting about this movie, especially the story. Why is Ender Wiggin’s so special? A kid who fights back bullies and beats them so they won’t bully him again, and who tries not to be a copy of his older brother…yawn. Is this what is so special about this kid? He has decent problem solving skills, and this makes him the chosen one to save the world? Uugh…

The scenes with the kids were dull. All they did was float around in a ball playing laser tag…lol. There is bunch of adult yelling going on from Ford’s character, but it’s easy to just tune him out because it sounds like he’s talking just to be talking. I kept trying to hold on and give this movie a chance, but an hour in I couldn’t hold on any longer and fell asleep…I’m sure I didn’t miss anything important because the movie only seemed to get worse as it ended.

Needless to same Ender’s Game couldn’t have ended soon enough for me. It ranked #1 at the box office with $28million in ticket sales, but that’s not even close to the $110million that was dropped to make this movie #EpicFail…D :/


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