Movies in Review: “Homefront”

I haven’t been excited to see a Jason Statham film in years. After the 2012 movie Safe, I think I have given up on him as an actor, as he continuously plays the same character only with different names. I had no interest to see Homefront, but it was Franco’s character in the trailer that drew me into the theater.

Ho Hum…I got what I expected, a movie that did nothing new and went along the straight and narrow. I did enjoy Franco, but the writing for the film was so weak that his character did not reach its peak. Franco and Bosworth were the only characters that made this movie interesting. I’m surprised to be giving Bosworth props because she isn’t one of the best actresses in my opinion. But she worked her character as the strung out sister of Franco. But again, her character wasn’t developed like it should have. There’s nothing much to say about Statham. He’s up to his same tricks, only this time he’s a family man, which I thought worked well for his character, and was cute. But again, the writing failed to have his character reach its full potential as well.

It’s fair to say that I left the theater feeling like something was missing. This movie had the potential to be better than what it was but failed to impress. The story was weak, writing was weak, character development was weak, and the ending was stupid. This movie isn’t anything I would waste my money to see. This is definitely one you can wait to catch on TV…D


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