Movies in Review: “Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy”

It has been 9 years since we’ve seen Ron Burgundy and his perfectly coiffed hair…and I only know this because I read it somewhere…lol. To be very honest I’m not the biggest Will Ferrell fan, so I didn’t see the original Anchorman when it came out in 2004. I saw it for the first time a couple of years ago. If it I hadn’t watched the first film and enjoyed it, I wouldn’t have been excited about seeing this one. To my surprise I found the first Anchorman to be funny as hell, so Anchorman 2 was definitely on my list to watch.

Will Ferrell is a fool. He had me cracking the hell up. Unfortunately something was still missing. As funny as Ferrell was, I found the writing and delivery of comedy in this film to be forced and lack luster compared to the first. Meagan Good wasn’t a strong addition. She was unbelievable as Linda Jackson, and I guess I was supposed to find humor in her ridiculous hair…#Fail. James Marsden was cool as Jack Lime, but the humor with his character wore out quickly. I thought Steve Carell was too much in this movie, and I honestly wanted him to shut up. Although I did enjoy him in the scenes with Kristen Wigg. I enjoyed Wigg a lot, and felt her scenes were edited too much. The infamous fight scene at the end was hilarious in the first movie, but a little corny in this one (not all of it, just most of it). The movie was also far too long, and I think they could have nixed the light house storyline…smh

All in all, it was funny. The running time among other things kind of killed what could have been a really great sequel, but it was ok. Will Ferrell fans will definitely enjoy it though because Ferrell was excellent. I’m sure you can overlook all the other stuff…B-


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  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review Taj. I will forever and always love the first, but this one still did its job relatively well and made me laugh on more than just a few occasions. And that’s all I ever wanted, or needed from this.

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