Movies in Review: “Grudge Match”

As much as it kills me to see geriatric, steroid stricken Stallone on-screen, the trailer for this movie still amused my interest. If the movie had included just Stallone, I may have passed. But with De Niro, Hart, and Arkin in the cast, I thought it would make for a decent film. However my expectations were still very low because Stallone has very little acting ability, and including De Niro in the cast wasn’t going to help him with that…smh.

Unfortunately for this movie, I walked out of the theater with way less than I expected.Including Kevin Hart into the cast, I at least expected some great humor, but Hart proved to be an #EpicFail in that category. In his last few movies, Hart is trying too hard. It feels like he’s trying to do a stand up comedy act in the movie instead of just making his character funny. His character was way over the top, and I found myself laughing very little.

The Grudge Match story had the potential to be decent if Stallone had been nixed out of the movie. True to form, he was horrible. The best part of the story was De Niro’s character and his son, the rest of the movie was just blah. Grudge Match left me disinterested and bored. It could have been better but failed to live up to its potential. It’s not the worst movie out now, but it’s definitely something you can stand to wait for…D+


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