Movies in Review: “Ride Along”

As much as I want Kevin Hart to have a successful movie career, I am truly on the verge of giving up on this man as a comedic actor. There have been plenty of comedians who have successfully transitioned into prosperous movie/acting careers, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler (kinda…I don’t find him funny, but he can be hit or miss), Martin Lawrence, Mike Epps…just to name a few. Unfortunately Kevin Hart has very little range, and continues to play the same over-active, screechy voiced character he has played in all his movies since Think Like A Man (the only movie I actually enjoyed him in). So needless to say, I was not looking forward to this movie. But as I do with all Tyler Perry’s movies, I went in crossing my fingers, and hoping for the best. Unfortunately with this one, I walked out disappointed.

This movie was a mess from the word action. All I can say is corny…but are you surprised? The story felt like it was written by a grade school student. There was nothing great about it. I’m surprised this movie made it to the big screen, because it felt like a straight to DVD film, because it was just plain stupid. I think I chuckled once, and I definitely napped in between, and I saw the ending, but can’t remember how it ended…smh. I guess that’s how memorable this movie is. Many people will say it’s hilarious, and all I want to know is what part. Did you find Tika Sumpters grizzly eyebrows funny, because I found them distracting. They looked like someone drew them on with a magic marker, and then decided to play up her eyebrows with a dramatic Barbie wig…wth!? Makeup/wardrobe was terrible in this film. Ice Cube was ok, but too serious and didn’t match Hart’s comedic out takes. Hart seriously needs an acting coach. It is wrong for him to think that his comedy stage act is appropriate for his movie roles. He continues to play the same type of character with a different name, but now its just getting tired.

If you are a die-hard Kevin fan, you will likely disagree with everything I wrote. If you are a movie fan, you will see that this wasn’t comedy at its best. I wouldn’t recommend you waste your time or money on this one in the theater…D-


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