Movies in Review: “Winter’s Tale”

I guess no one was interested in real love stories this valentine’s day weekend. Only resulting in another box office flop for Colin Farrell :(. I must admit, I wasn’t sold on the trailer, and the only reason I went to see this movie was because of Farrell. Unfortunately for Farrell his movies have been flops, but his performances haven’t been a reflection of ticket sales (or lack there of). I got what I expected from this movie, and all of it was enjoyable.

This is one sappiest love stories I have seen in a while. But please don’t think that the sap made it too much to bear, because it seemed to work for this film. It seriously felt like a novel being played out on-screen with all the melodrama, and extra pulls of the heart. The story was cute and made even better by Jessica Brown Findlay who played Jessica Penn. It was a joy to watch her on-screen, and she made it easy to see why Farrell’s character could fall in love with her so easily. I also enjoyed Russell Crowe as a villain, but Will Smith’s character came off a little corny to me, although it was still a great surprise to see him.

This movie may have a little too much sap for most of you, but there is still a good story to be seen here. The women will definitely love it more than the men. This movie has a charming way about it that had me leaving the theater with a smile on my face…B


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