Movies in Review: “Blended”

Oh another Adam Sandler movie, which I would have been more than happy to have missed…lol. It is no secret I am not a Sandler fan, but for some reason I still find myself venturing in to the theater to see his films. My reason for going this time was Drew Barrymore (love her). I figured with Drew it couldn’t be as bad as I am thinking. By no means was this movie great, but it was decent enough for a chuckle.

There was nothing spectacular about the story. The story line was super predictable from beginning to end. But Sandler movies aren’t known for their story lines, but instead for its comedic nonsense. Sandler surprised me because he wasn’t half as annoying as he is in his other movies. I guess because he wasn’t the comic focus of the movie, so he didn’t overdo it in this one. I was surprised when I found myself thinking “I like him”. But I think those feelings for Sandler’s character also had a lot to do with Barrymore as his co-star. I enjoyed Drew I think more because it was Drew and it had less to do with the character she was playing, which was a little dull. The characters Nickens, Eddy, and Jen were there for the comedy relief, and did a pretty good job with the slapstick humor we are known to expect from Sandler movies. Some of the antics were a little far-fetched, but there was enough to get a few chuckles here and there.

I can’t say I hated this movie. There were a lot of things I found cute about it. It’s nothing spectacular, but it was definitely better than I had expected. I don’t think it’s worth the ticket purchase, but it is a good Redbox find…C+


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