Movies in Review: “Expendables 3”

Really? Another one? After the disappointing second installment of this franchise, I had little desire to see this one. It seems that everyone else felt the same way I did, because this movie was an epic fail at the box office with only $16 million in ticket sales its opening weekend. Even worse, it placed behind that abysmal of a comedy “Let’s Be Cops”…smh. Well after seeing this one, let’s just hope Stallone got the picture and doesn’t waste his time with a fourth.

There is just too much going on in this movie, with the Expendables finding themselves in situations you know there is no possible way for them to survive. But with all that being said, it’s still entertaining to watch…lol. What I enjoyed most about this movie were some of the new character additions, including Snipes, whose performance was way better than I expected, Banderas, Grammar, Gibson and Ford. They each brought life into a movie that probably would have been a mess. What I didn’t like was the introduction of the younger characters. The new recruits were far less interesting and took away too much screen time that use to be filled with the humorous and entertaining banter among the older crew. Besides the over-the-top action scenes, I found myself mostly bored.

The 3 testosterone filled action scenes in the movie were great to watch, but everything else besides that was a bore. This movie had better actors, who got very little screen time, but this movie lost a lot of its comedic value which made the first one so great. I would wait for RedBox for this one…D+


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  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review Taj. Dumb, but still a fun time regardless.

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