Movies in Review: “A Walk Among the Tombstones”

Liam Neeson movies aren’t what they use to be. So I was a little less than excited about this movie, although I did find the trailer to be a little intriguing. Because of this, I bit the bullet, bought a ticket, and crossed my fingers as I walked into the theater. I wasn’t completely disappointed when I walked out of this movie, just a little disappointed…

In all fairness Neeson has gotten a bad rap for playing basically the same roles. Well with this one, it was different…sorta. Neeson actually does a really nice job, and I enjoyed his performance the most. The story was a little slow at times, but for the most part it was thrilling and intriguing. It ran a little longer than it needed to, trying to build suspense, and sometimes they were far too slow at building it. The way this movie dragged at times is my biggest complaint. The excitement picked up at the end, but I left the theater with little closure. I wanted to know the reason for the killing spree (did I miss this detail).

The suspense was great, but the story was far from solid for me. I enjoyed Neeson in this role, so no complaints there. If this movie had been edited by 20min, it probably would have been great…C+


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