Movies in Review: “This is Where I leave You”

I love a good comedy, but I love a comedy even more when it’s not “trying”to be funny…ya know what I mean? This is one of those comedies where the humor is effortless and not forced with complete nonsense. This was one of the movies I was looking forward to this year. Well to be honest, I look forward to any movie Jason Bateman is starring in. He is one of my favorite underrated actors. Besides Bateman the entire cast for this movie looked phenomenal. I had fair expectations for this film, and all were met.

I enjoyed almost everything about this movie. I loved the way this comedy drama was written and played out. There was so much drama, but the comedy made it easier to take and watch. I found myself falling in love with each character. Fey, Bateman, Driver, and Stoll worked so well playing the Altman siblings. It was easy to see them as a real family. The playful brother and sister dynamic was my favorite part about the movie.

This isn’t a slap stick comedy. This is a comedy that has a nicely written story, sprinkled with a little drama, and filled with heartfelt humor. These are the type of comedies I always appreciate, and I think you will too…B+


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I am creative by nature, and analytical by design. My escape from the riff raff of everyday life is a great movie. I do not title myself as a movie critic. I am a part of the viewing audience simple and plain. I started this blog to give a real life review of films, as an avid movie goer. Movies are expensive, and not always worth the money. I hope my reviews help you in your descision.
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