Movies in Review: “The Boxtrolls”

Let me start by saying that stop-motion animation is not one of my favorite types of animation. As a matter of fact, I kinda hate them (ok maybe hate is a strong word), but I don’t remember the past stop-motion animated film I have seen. However the trailer for The Boxtrolls hit me differently than the other films like this. This one actually looked cute and enjoyable. I felt so confident about this movie I even decided to bring my 1yr old along, thinking he would enjoy it too…talk about bad idea…

Now my child sat through the entire movie (I was so surprised), but I was sitting there cringing at what I brought him in there to watch. The movie is kind of gross and dark for my tastes for kids. Although the claymation was beautifully done, there was still very little entertainment value in it for the kids, unless your child gets a kick out of being grossed out. I was hoping to get more of connection with the Boxtroll characters, but this didn’t happen. Far too much attention was focused on “Eggs” and the annoying little girl Winnie…omg she was so annoying. There a few cute and funny scenes that could have been played up, but the movie seemed to focus around cheese and a cross-dressing villain…smh. My kid reacts to entertaining shows, but the only reaction this movie got out of him was a jump of terror when one of the characters completely exploded on screen…smh.

I didn’t find this movie to be up to par. The story had so much potential, but I found myself dosing more than a few times. I wouldn’t recommend this for the younger kids, it’s really a dark movie. You boys may find it more entertaining, it seems to have all the nonsense young boys love…lol. I was really expecting to like this one, but I left the theater annoyed I bothered to walk in…C+


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