Movies in Review: “Dear White People”

Dear-White-People-PosterNot much promotion happened with this movie. I think I came across the theatrical poster twice in random passing, and saw the trailer once. The trailer and the poster slightly caught my attention, but social media fueled it. I searched for other trailers for this film, and found myself instantly intrigued. I’m a week late with seeing this, but the buzz to see this movie drove me into the theater.

Ok…soooooo…I don’t even know where to begin with this movie. I feel like maybe I got something wrong because this movie has positively acclaimed reviews, and I walk out of the theater on the verge of absolute dislike for the movie…smh. Ok so I know it’s a satirical  drama, and everything about it is supposed to be overly exaggerated to touch on subjects and make points in a humorous way, but there was an overload of ish happening in this movie. My head was seriously in a scramble by the time the movie ended. There were so many issues, and story lines being addressed that made the movie feel like it was suffering from a lack of concentration. I enjoyed the characters, although the writing sucked. This is a movie that could have used the help of some financial backing. The party scene in the movie should have been a major impact, but instead was a huge distraction because of all the background noise and weak production. I enjoyed all the characters although they were so cliché to the point where it wasn’t funny and was all too see-through. I found myself scrunching my face and rolling my eyes through most of the movies. Like how many times are we going to keep referring/criticizing Tyler Perry movies in black satire? ~rolling eyes

Most of the movie was crappy in my opinion, but there were some scenes and moments that stood out. There are some beautifully shot scenes with the character Samantha White. There is also a movie theater scene which was reminiscent of a scene shot in Do The Right Thing. This was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. It had some humorous character in it. I thought the reality show producer seemed a bit pedophilish and creepy, but the last scene with him and the Dean and President of the school had an impact. I liked the ending…lol.

I was definitely hoping to like this movie more. It had enough star power, but did have enough financial backing needed to make it better. Sometimes too much information takes away from the point. This movie offered too much and almost left me with nothing…C+


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