Movies in Review: “Foxcatcher”

You don’t really see Steve Carell doing too many dramatic roles. He is an excellent comedic actor, but I like to see comedic actors be able to step out of their element and still deliver. I watched the trailer, and immediately was intrigued by Carell’s character. This role was unlike any other I have seen Carell do, and I went into the theater feeling like he would be great. And sure enough, he was…

Steve Carell was creepy and excellent as John duPont. Nothing like his comedic roles at all. Carell dives right into this dark character and shines. But I wasn’t as surprised about Carell’s performance as I was with Tatum’s. Let’s be clear I am not a Tatum fan. I don’t hate him, but I do find myself surprised by the roles he is able to get. With that being said though, I have definitely seen improvement in his acting abilities with each role (but I’m still not convinced…lol). He was pretty good as Mark Schultz, and Olympic Wrestler. Ruffalo and Tatum did a really good job getting into their roles as Olympic Wrestlers. They had the look, walk, mentality that shined through. I kept thinking, wow, they really look like wrestlers. Unfortunately, although I rave about the performances, I did found myself a little bored with story. I honestly dozed off more than once. It moved a bit slow for me, and the running time could have been shortened by at least 30min. It picked up at the end, and left the audience a little shocked, as this movie is based on a true story.

I was intrigued by the trailer, and was definitely expecting a little more from this more. It had some fleeting shock value, and great performances, but the story was unable to fully hole my attention until the end. You will enjoy seeing Carell in this role. Just be warned that the story is a little slow, but decent…B-


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