Movies in Review: “Mortdecai”

Mortdecai_posterI think I was the only one looking forward to seeing this film starring Johnny Depp. It seems that Depp can’t catch a break with critics following recent failed movie roles. Well I still enjoy Depp, especially when he plays characters like Mortdecai. He is in his element with quirky, weird, and off-centered characters like these. This movie was killed critics, but I still had hope it wasn’t as bad as I have read.

Sometimes I think actors can face being blacklisted by critics, and I think Depp is one of them. I didn’t think Mortdecai was that bad. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t great, but I did enjoy Depp as Mortdecai. He put so much fun into this character, that I enjoyed. I don’t think the problem was Depp’s performance, but everything else happening in the movie. I don’t think the writing was great, and the story seemed to float here and there, leaving me confused. The sub-characters were weak, and looked like extras found on the street. If I never see Paul Bettany in another movie, it will be too soon. He is quite awful. I enjoyed Ewan McGregor and Gwyneth Paltrow and the subplot between their characters. The rest of the story was a hodge podge of nonsense though. I hear they are in works of making a second film, which I would definitely see, hoping they get better writers, directors, and stronger plot.

Some critics are calling this the worst movie of the year, I would however beg to differ. This movie could use a lot of help, but I still found it entertaining to feel about it. I honestly wouldn’t pay to see it, but a Redbox is ok…C-


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