Movies in Review: “Home”

Home_(2015_film)_posterThere is no denying that I love a good animated movie. However my intentions to see them are different now having a little rugrat. I can’t say I wasn’t interested in seeing Home. I was definitely attracted to the bright colors and cute animation I watched in the trailer. But it was the interest my son had with the trailer that had me ready to buy 2 tickets opening weekend.

This movie was as cute as could be and had my little one drawn to the screen. The animations were fun and colorful, which will keep any little one’s attention. The character “Oh” perfectly voiced by Jim Parsons was adorable. Captain Smek, voiced by Steve Martin was absolutely hilarious. He and Oh had the adults in the audience laughing out loud. So needless to say, adults will find a bit of entertainment they can hold on to. I wasn’t fond of Rihanna as the voice for Tip. I felt her voice for the character was a bit annoying…Ugh! They also felt it necessary to play her music throughout the film also…smh. This only increased the annoying factor.

This isn’t one of Dreamworks best movies, but it does a nice job of still keeping one entertained. If you have a little one I would recommend taking them. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it’s not bad either…B-

*Sidenote…My Review for Get Hard will follow tomorrow…

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