Movies in Review: “Furious 7”

Furious_7_posterThis is one of the most anticipated movie franchise out now. Every movie has you waiting patiently for the release of the next. But Furious 7 had more than anticipation lingering with this one. With the untimely death of Paul Walker leaving us sadden, I know we were all thinking this was the end of Fast & Furious. Marketing began for Furious 7, and the release date couldn’t come quick enough for me. I had to see how the death of Walker was handled. I think we were all looking for “closure”…right!?

Well…hmmmmm…so we know Statham was brought into the story at the end of 6, so of course the movie opened with Statham. I may be the only one feeling this way, but wasn’t the opening scene a little too much??? He’s 1 man, and I’m supposed to believe he did all of that!? Ummmmm…ok…whatever…moving on. The movie continues on in Furious fashion, and goes from outrageous to utterly ridiculous. The action sequences and story line wasn’t as tight as seen in earlier movies. There were too many subplots introduced, and the action scenes were great but took a nose dive into unbelievable. Unlike the earlier movies, I found myself saying “come on son!” a lot. Kurt Russell was introduced into the story, but his impact in the story wasn’t as strong as when they brought in The Rock, who was featured in minimal scenes. I found myself entertained, but also a little annoyed. They were doing too much with this movie. I was on the verge of dislike until it got to the end…smh. Please bring tissue for the ending. I couldn’t have been more happy with the way they sent Paul Walker’s character off. They did an excellent job with handling his story line. ~tear

Everyone will tell you this movie is great. But I will say that it’s decent. If you like action, then this one is for you because. I like action, but when it teeters into ridiculousness, then I have a hard time dealing. There is entertainment value that is amplified if you leave all your common sense at the door…B


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