Movies in Review: “The Age of Adeline”

The_Age_of_Adaline_film_posterI’m not the biggest fan of Blake Lively, but I do love a good romance film. Besides the trailer being interesting, my intrigue was sparked by wanting to see if Ms. Lively had the acting chops to hold down this lead role. The Age of Adeline didn’t look spectacular, but I was still interested in seeing what it had to offer.

I didn’t love…it was actually kind of meh. I don’t know…Blake is getting much praise from critics on her performance but to me she was as dry as always, relying on her beauty to steal the show…smh. I thought I would have enjoyed this movie more, but the story was less compelling than I had hoped. The story was kind of dry, and lacked the depth needed to really tell Adeline’s story. I enjoyed Harrison Ford, but his role was too short to make a positive impact on the movie.

I usually can find joy in any romance film, and rarely find myself leaving the theater with a negative vibe. Unfortunately this movie didn’t move me one way or the other. I kinda left the theater feeling nothing…lol. I can’t say I recommend this movie, unless you’re a Blake Lively fan and are interested in admiring her beauty, because she does look absolutely amazing. If not, missing this one won’t cause a shift in the atmosphere…C-


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  1. Cécile says:

    Thought the same about this film even if I actually enjoyed Blake Lively’s interpretation. Honestly, everything in the film was quite boring and superficial.

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