Movies in Review: “Brotherly Love”

BrotherlyLoveMoviePosterThere wasn’t a great deal of heavy promotion for this movie. I honestly wouldn’t have heard about it if the trailer hadn’t come across my FB newsfeed…good ol’ FB…lol. Anyway, for those of you who also haven’t heard of this film check the trailer. Cute movie right? Yeah I thought so, and found myself more than interested to see it.

Not a bad urban drama. What I enjoyed most is that a lot of our talented actors of color got a chance to let their talents shine…and shine they did. I don’t dislike Cory Hardict, but I don’t think I’ve had the chance to see what kind of talent this young man has. Hardict holds down the lead in this movie. I enjoyed him from beginning to end. He owned every scene, and I would hope his performance will lead to other major roles. Keke is one of the most seasoned actors in the movie, but she wasn’t really my favorite. However her and Quincy Brown were excellent together. As a matter of fact I was quite surprised by Brown. Not a bad job at all ~knodding head. This isn’t a story we haven’t seen before, so I found myself less impressed with the story, but surprisingly impressed by the talent on the screen. These kids made something out of nothing. The production was a little weak, making the movie feel like it would have fared better as a made for TV film…but whatever…

I enjoyed the movie. There was a nice twist, but too many holes and storylines left without closure. With only a running time of 1.2hrs, there wasn’t enough time to give the story time to close properly. Not a bad movie though, but more suitable as a rental or cable viewing…C+ (I would have given it a B- if it was marketed for TV)


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