Movies in Review: “Entourage”

Entourage_film_2015_posterAlthough the series ran for 8yrs, I think we were all still sad when the final season came and ended this series :(. Who didn’t love this show, and felt a void when there was no weekly fix of the adventures these group of friends faced together. I think our cries were heard, and we were given a movie…Yay! I got chills every time I would see this trailer, and a huge grin would fall across my face. It was like being reconnected with old friends you haven’t seen in a while. I had little expectations for this movie, all I knew is that I had to see it…

I walked out of the theater with the biggest grin on my face. I was more than pleased with this movie. he movie felt like and extended version of the TV series, which I enjoyed, but critics disliked. It felt like coming home. Ari was on one, but in the best way. Everyone was in rare form. I couldn’t get enough of Ari, and was pleased to see everyone from the series make their return. I wasn’t a fan of Ari’s new Assistant, played by Kid Cudi. He was far from a Lloyd, whose chemistry is comedic magic with Ari. We do get to see Lloyd, but not enough for my taste. Surprised to say Drama was one of my favorite characters in the movie, because he was usually my least favorite in the series. I loved him for the film. It was funny because Vincent’s Entourage outshines him in the movie. Vinnie, in my opinion, got lost in the background, which was fine with me. The other character’s storylines were better. I’m not the biggest fan of Billy Bob Thornton, but he didn’t bother in this role, and fit it perfectly. However the creepy, and now chubby Sixth Sense kid, was annoying as hell. I know he was supposed to be an ass, but I think I had more trouble with the actor they chose to play this role…meh…

Roles aside, the movie was fun. I think everyone wanted some action in this movie because there are more guest appearances than I can count. Critics also hated this, but I actually enjoyed the guest surprises that came from nowhere. There was so much going on I think some of the stories didn’t get the chance to develop like they should. I enjoyed the ride of the movie, but was a little disappointed with the ending, which felt unfinished and rushed. The film could have used a 30 min extension…but maybe I feel this way because I didn’t want it to end :(. For all fans of the series, I think you will be pleased with the movie, but will still find yourself leaving the theater without closure…A-

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