Movies in Review: “Dope”

DopeTeaserPosterNow the trailer for this movie was Dope. So much so, that I must admit I didn’t really understand what the story was about, but I knew I had to see it. The trailer looked fresh, and entertaining, something that is missed with young films. Dope has received nothing but positive reviews, so I was expecting to see something I could recommend and brag about…Ummmmmm…

Ok, so maybe I’m a bit too old, and not really the target audience for this film. Or maybe I should have been hopped up on Dope to enjoy it more. I’m not saying the movie was horrible, I’m just saying that I didn’t get it. The writing and directing were off. Some of the scenes felt like space filled with dialogue that was just as empty as the space it was in. Did anyone understand the scene between Malcolm and his Senior Interviewer? Can someone tell me what was the purpose of the extended scenes with Chanel Iman. Now Iman is absolutely beautiful, but it was very clear that she wasn’t cast for her acting.

I enjoyed the performances from the 3 leads of the movie, especially Malcolm. His performances should be praised for such an off- kilter flick. I do wish his sidekicks, Diggy and Jib would have had more action in the flick, instead of playing in the background to Malcolm. This movie had some powerful scenes, especially the scene with the bully and his boys. However most of the movie was an adventure that made little sense. It ended well, although I wish the rest of the movie made an impact as the ending did.

All in all, not a horrible movie, but one that is more suitable for the youth. The characters are great, but the writing left a little to be desired. I enjoyed the creative idea of the story, but unfortunately this movie failed to be as dope as I hoped it would be…B-


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