Movies in Review: “Minions”

Minions_posterThe first time I watched Despicable Me, I knew those yellow, babbling minions deserved a movie of their own. I feel like I’ve waited all year for the release of this movie, but the day has finally arrived. I have anticipated this animated movie the most this summer. My kid wanted to see it too…thank goodness…lol. I love my movie dates with my little one 🙂

All was good with the movie, until you realize there is just too much Minion…lol…like really. I was hoping to love this movie, but it was a little too much. I forgot what was happening, but there were some scenes that had my kid cringing…lol. Don’t get me wrong. he liked it, but I caught him covering his eyes a few times. I enjoyed it, especially Stuart, and his bearTim, they were hilarious. I wasn’t as impressed with Susan Overkill…eh.
The story was cute, but nowhere near as thrilling as the Despicable Me films. The minions seemed to shine better in those films. The pressure of holding down an entire movie alone were too much for these guys. I still think the kids will find it to be great. I mean…who has the heart to hate on a Minion…B+

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