Movies in Review: “Ant-Man”

Ant-Man_posterOk sooooooo…how many of you couldn’t take this Ant-Man movie seriously when you watched the trailer. I was giving this movie the serious side-eye. Felt like I was setting myself up for the disappointment Green Lantern left me with. I love Paul Rudd as an actor, but a superhero…ummmmm no. Although I had little interest in this movie, regardless of the character’s casting, I will always be in the theater to watch a Marvel super-hero film, well any super-hero film for that matter…lol.

I promise, if you go in with low expectations, you will come out of the theater pleasantly surprised (not that low expectations are needed). The movie really wasn’t bad at all. Wow…I am so surprised at how much I enjoyed Rudd in this role. Definitely a very nice fit. The direction they took this movie in worked. My only complaint is that there was a little too much dialogue, making the movie feel long, but other than that I was pleasantly entertained. I loved the “heist” aspect of the story, it kept the mood fun and humorous, especially with Michael Pena as Luis. I love me some Michael Pena. That dude nails it every time. I thought they could have went deeper with the Yellow Jacket story-line. That part of the story kinda got the short end of the stick…oh well…

All in all…not a bad movie. Ant-Man isn’t my favorite Marvel film, but I did leave with a smile on my face and anticipation for the next installment. I think it is a great movie for the family who are Marvel hero fans. Although the extended dialogue may prove to be a bit dull in some spots. Overall I found myself laughing a lot, interested, and entertained…and that’s good enough in my book…B+


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