Movies in Review: “Trainwreck”

Trainwreck_posterTrainwreck is the only movie I was looking forward to seeing this weekend. You know how you have one of those weeks where you just need a good laugh? Well this movie came right on time. How many of you cracked up every time this trailer came across your television screen. I knew nothing about Amy Schumer before, but I’m all about Amy Schumer today. Some of you may know Schumer’s sketch comedy work on Comedy Central. Some of you, like myself, may just being hearing about her for the first time. Whatever the case may be, she will definitely be on your radar after seeing this movie, which she also had a hand in writing…Kudos!

This movie is funny as hell…seriously. It wasn’t comedy that was forced. This movie had such a great story, the humor just happened effortlessly. Schumer had me pissing in my pants. She’s an outstanding comedian, but also a decent actress. I loved the chemistry between her and Bill Hader, whose comedic style comes off a bit forced to me. I really enjoyed him in this role. But can we talk about how much I liked Lebron James. Like I hate Lebron James (yes I’m a Lebron Hater…Bite me)…but I loved him in this movie. Just because of this movie, my dislike for him has decreased tremendously…lol. The only part of the movie that was annoying was the plot that involved her pregnant sister, who hardly looked pregnant at all throughout the movie. She and her family were kind of annoying…in my opinion.

If you need a good laugh, this needs to be on your must-see list. This is one of the best comedies I have seen this year. It has a really cute story, and effortless comedic humor. All around enjoyment for me…A-


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