Movies in Review: “Southpaw”

Southpaw_posterThere is something about Jake Gyllenhaal that completely wows me. He knows how to take on a character…doesn’t he? I must admit though, when I watched the trailer for Southpaw, I was a little skeptical about him portraying the boxing character Billy Hope and making it believable. My doubts, however, weren’t enough to keep me from seeing this movie. As a matter of fact, I’ve been anticipating this movie since the release of its theatrical trailer. I loved the trailer, and the cast even more. I wasn’t expecting a complete fail from Gyllenhaal, just not his best…

Gyllenhaal is still the man. Can he do no wrong? He was Billy Hope and everything that came with this character. He had the lingo down, as a kid who had the streets raise him. He had the moves as a real boxer, and the physique to back it up. His relationship with his family, and wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) could be felt deeply. It was hard not to feel every emotion, and tragedy this man faced. This movie is packed with powerful emotion. Curtis Jackson did a good job of playing himself…lol…and Forrest Whitaker was the icing on the cake. The back and forth between him and Hope added humor and fun to the film.

There were some slow-moving scenes, and some that could have use better direction, but there is no doubt Antoine Fuqua has another hit on his hands. Those boxing scenes were everything! Reminded you of boxing of old, not this mess we are forced to watch in the rings today…smh. The boxing scenes were exhausting and exciting, exactly how they should be…lol.

This one is a winner because it packs a hell of a punch. The cast was perfect, the boxing scenes were memorable, and the movie is full of emotion. If you love boxing, you will definitely enjoy this…B+


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