Movies in Review: “The Gift”

The_Gift_2015_Film_Poster1First off, I want to shout out Joel Edgerton for his first movie as writer and director. Not a bad job at all sir. I enjoy Edgerton as an actor, but when his name came across the screen as the writer and director, this put his talents on a whole new level for me. I was intrigued by the trailer for this movie, and I felt like I had some idea of what the story was about, but after seeing the film, I had it all wrong.

This was a very nice thriller. Scenes were in a way to build intrigue and suspense, having most of the audience on the edge of their seats and screaming in fear…yes I screamed…lol. The acting was great. I thought it took a minute for the story to get going real good, but everything builds up perfectly to the climax at the end. “Gordo” is the creepiest guy I have ever seen on-screen. You will love the story because it is hard to figure out, and most will find themselves surprised.

This story will creep you out, and mess you up. It wasn’t perfect, somewhat slow, but it definitely packs a hell of a punch…B-


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