Movies in Review: “Z for Zachariah”

Z_for_Zachariah_posterMany of you likely haven’t heard of this flick, neither had I. Besides wide release films, I do like to see what’s out in the limited/independent release section. In my research I came across this trailer. A post apocalyptic thriller with 3 outstanding actors cast in it. Movie is based on book of the same name. I know the trailer doesn’t seem extraordinary, but with this cast, I was confident I would enjoy it.

If you are looking for visual excitement, action, and endless dialogue that leads to nowhere, this is not the movie for you. This movie is simplicity at it’s best. The story being told with beautiful camera shots, and subtle expressions and movements from the actors. Thrills are given in the calmest manner, but still give you a rush of intrigue. I loved how they played down Margot Robbie’s stunning beauty, so that the we could stay focused on the story and her acting. She still looked stunning, but unlike her other roles, her sex appeal and looks were not the focus. Ejiofor and Pine were on point (as I expected). The story did not play out as I expected, and left me wanting to read the book. The movie was good, but it felt like I missed some details, or too much was left for the audience to decipher on their own.

This is one of the those movies you have to carefully watch, missing the slightest detail would be a mistake. A simple, well-directed, performed, and filmed movie. I could have used a little more detail with somethings, but then again, I guess I could just read the book…B+


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