Movies in Review: “Pan”

Pan_2015_posterMy kid has me watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates allllllllll the time. So I got a little excited when I watched the trailer and Captain Hook was one of the characters being featured in this film. Like seriously…I got super excited…lol. I also have a thing for Rooney Mara, who looked super awesome in the trailer. I knew I had to make this one a mother and son date. I was just hoping my 2yr old would find it as entertaining as his mother hoped it would be.

Unfortunately for this movie it didn’t do well at all in the box office…smh. Critics totally crapped on this movie. I read some of the complaints, but cannot find myself in agreement. I enjoyed this movie. The movie starred as very cute young actor, who was fun to watch. The story had nice upbeat pace that held my little one’s attention throughout. I loved the punkish feel to the film, and although this was catching most of the flack, I didn’t find the use of CGI to take away from the film. I enjoyed the scenes in the village the most, because of the wonderful use of color.

I laughed, my kid cried…lol, but fun was had by all. I found this movie to be super cute and a fun for a family outing. I got everything I expected from it and more. If it helps in your decision, my kid walked out of the theater saying he wanted to see it again…lol…B+


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I am creative by nature, and analytical by design. My escape from the riff raff of everyday life is a great movie. I do not title myself as a movie critic. I am a part of the viewing audience simple and plain. I started this blog to give a real life review of films, as an avid movie goer. Movies are expensive, and not always worth the money. I hope my reviews help you in your descision.
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