Movies in Review: “Steve Jobs”

SteveJobsposterThere must be some overwhelming fascination with Steve Jobs with this man sparking 2 biographical films within 3yrs of each. I would usually ask if this was necessary, but in this case it definitely was, since the first film was just mediocre for such a brilliant and complex man. Although I thought Ashton Kutcher definitely had an impressive resemblance to Jobs, it was Fassbender who captured his intricacies to perfection. I had no interest in seeing a repeat of Steve Jobs story, however I was very interested in seeing Fassbender.

Michael Fassbender is the man. Although he looks nothing like Jobs, it still felt like I was watching Steve Jobs. I didn’t know the man personally, but Fassbender’s performance exuded everything I had heard or read about him. He was a brilliant and intricate businessman, and we have a chance to feel all this in a story that is centered around 3 different product launches in his career. Within the launches we get to see the development of his relationship with his daughter, which was nice subplot that made Jobs seem human. Kate Winslet also gives a phenomenal performance as Jobs confidante. Their chemistry was great. It was like watching 2 great friends, with Winslet rounding out Fassbender. There was so much information packed into this film. Not one word spoken or a scene empty or a waste.

If you are fascinated with Steve Jobs, this is one biographical film that I think you will enjoy. It felt like this movie to the most important parts of his life and put it beautifully in a 2 hr theatrical feature…A


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  1. Dan O. says:

    Good review Taj. It’s a solid movie and probably my favorite of the year.

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