Movies in Review: “The Night Before”

TheNightBefore2015posterAs much as I enjoy Seth Rogen in a comedy, I had little interest in seeing The Night Before with it’s band of unlikely cast mates. It was hard to take these guys seriously as real friends. Well no, it was hard for me to see how Anthony Mackie fit into this bunch. I think Mackie is a good actor, but this role…ummmmmmm…No. However I needed a some humor in my life, and I had the time, so I went to see it anyway, and found myself pleasantly surprised.

Ok so Anthony Mackie still looked like the odd man out to me, but the trio still worked. I expected to laugh, but the laughter definitely went beyond that. As I sit here writing this review I’m cracking up thinking about some of those scenes…Omg…freaking hilarious. These guys are fools. Rogen was absolutely amazing as you would expect, but Gordon-Levitt and Mackie did their thing too. As fun as the main cast was, my favorite character was Michael Shannon who plays Mr. Green. Shannon is an amazing actor who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. When the movie just felt like nonsense, Shannon gave it life. You will see what I’m talking about when you see it…lol.

Absolutely hilarious is all I have to say. On the verge of being straight nonsense, but came out shining like a star. There are comedies that you can watch over and over, I would have to add this one to the list…A-


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