Movies in Review: “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2”

Mockingjay_Part_2_PosterThis was definitely the movie everyone was trying to see this weekend. The final Hunger Games movie…the excitement is just too much to hold in right!?…Kidding…lol. Like everyone else I was looking forward to seeing how this movie was going to end. They have been marketing the finale of this movie for almost a year, building high expectations for me. But perhaps a little too high…

The movie started out where it had left off at the end of Part 1 so it was easy to follow the story from the beginning. The quest to bring down President Snow was now on it’s way. I must admit I enjoyed the action sequences, especially the scene with the black oil…wow that sequence was phenomenal. I enjoyed the movie for the most part which centered heavily around Katniss and Peta. However I wish Harrelson’s character, who is always great, had more shine, as well as the character Johanna Mason. I thought Johanna would have definitely had a deeper role, and they could have used her to give the movie some kick. Elizabeth Banks has always been my favorite character in this franchise because of her beautiful costumes, but unfortunately even she only makes an appearance in 2 scenes. Even Snow wasn’t as present as I hope he would be, only behind a camera, or news broadcast. There are scenes that gripped at my heart, but the ending was a little weak for me and definitely predictable. I enjoyed the message, but I guess I was expecting a little more.

I wasn’t disappointed by this finale, but it seemed to climax in the middle and dwindle into little at the end. However it was still fun to watch. It’s hard to make a finale that will satisfy everyone, so I’m not gonna fault it for that. It has great entertainment value, and many will find it to be a satisfactory end…B+


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