Movies in Review: “How to be Single”

How_To_Be_Single_PosterOh we know how I love a good chick flick, sister/girlfriend movie, especially around Valentine’s Day! I wanted to see this with my single girlfriends and make a fun evening of it. Unfortunately after tendering all of my girlfriends I realized I was the only single one left…smh. So I took my depressed single ass to this movie ALONE. Hell, if I’m gonna be alone on Valentine’s Day, at least I could get a laugh out of it…right!?…lol. Too bad this movie didn’t have many laughs to offer…

Maybe my expectations were a bit high for this one, but ummmmmmm…I was more bored than entertained. This movie suffered from all the funny scenes being shown in the trailer…smh. It also had a bad case of having way too much going on. It was a cute movie that felt like it was trying too hard. I wish Rebel Wilson could be funnier in movies, but she just ends up being so extra to me lately. The movie had too many side stories. However I did love the story between Leslie Mann and her boy toy. Their exchanges were the most entertaining parts in the movie. Dakota Johnson played the lead Lucy, but she didn’t do the character any justice and kept getting overshadowed by Rebel in every scene they shared…eh.

Definitely not the movie I was hoping this would be. It’s had tons of potential, but fell flat on most of them. I’m happy I went to see this one alone. I would have felt awful wasting anyone’s time and money on this. This is a movie better watched at home…C+


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