Movies in Review: “Zoolander 2”

Zoolander_2_posterOk so I wasn’t anticipating this movie like most fans of the first movie. I didn’t even see the first movie until this past week when it came on TV ~shrugs. As silly as I found the first movie to be, I admit, as stupid as this movie is, it did have humor that made it bearable to watch if I was high. I was expecting much of the same from the sequel. So I walked into the theater with little expectations. I was just seeing it just to see it ~shrugs.

You ever watch a movie that every celebrity wants to make a guest appearance in? Yeah those movies never go well. Unfortunately this Zoolander sequel had a bad case of too many damn celebrity appearances. So much so that it took away from the characters everyone really wanted to see, Mugatu. Mugatu’s screen time was very limited in this movie, but Will Ferrell did his thing when he was on-screen. I also wish there was more of Kristen Wiig’s character. She was kind of amazing to watch, with her outrageous orange tan, overly plumped lips, and outlandish costumes. She was quite an entertaining spectacle. I would have loved more interaction between her and Mugatu,

All I have to say is every celebrity who is a fan of a movie, does not need an invitation for an appearance. All they did was water down the story and take away camera time from the characters everyone really wanted to see…Ugh…C


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