Movies in Review: “Gods of Egypt”

Gods_of_Egypt_posterI kinda love movies about Egyptian God’s, which is probably the only reason I went to see this movie. That and Gerard Butler was cast in it. I haven’t seen Butler in a movie I really enjoyed since Law Abiding Citizen 7yrs ago…smh. I can’t say the trailer for this film really did anything for me, but I did like the theatrical poster which always caught my attention when I walked past it. I wasn’t anticipating this movie, and could honestly take it or leave it, especially since it had a running time of over 2hrs. Most of which I thought would be wasted…lol.

It was ummmmmmm…Okay??? I don’t know, because a part of me enjoyed it, and the other part was like “come on son”. I did like that there was heavy focus on the Egyptian Deities. I enjoyed them the most, especially the costumes, and theatrics. Thoth and Zaya the Goddess of Love were my favorites. In my opinion they were the most interesting. I found the story to be humorous, but also a little too corny. It seemed like Butler was meant for a different movie because his performance seemed to be a little too strong for this film ~shrugs. As I stated early a 2+ hr running time did prove to be too much. They definitely could have shortened the running time by 30min.

I didn’t hate it, but it’s not worth the money for 3D, or anything else for that matter. However a $1 at Redbox won’t bother you…C-


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