Movies in Review: “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

whiskey-1aHmmmmmm….what to say about this one??? It’s hard to say much because I honestly could have taken or left this movie. The trailer really didn’t do much for me to spark much interest, except for maybe the cast, but even that didn’t have me wanting to run to the theater to see this one. However I do like Tina Fey, in most movies, and this seemed unlike any role I’ve seen her in recently, so I took the chance and went.


Hmmmmmmm….still not sure what to say because I definitely didn’t love the movie, but I also didn’t hate it either. I feel a little duped because they are promoting this movie as a huge comedy because of Fey, but the film is actually a dramedy that has way more drama than comedy. The parts that were supposed to be funny fell a little flat with Fey, but the character Iain was a hoot…thank goodness. I enjoyed Fey’s performance, but there was too much lacking in the story. There was very little build-up or background on Fey’s character. Also the rest of the story just had way too many holes, and felt a little unfinished. It had its entertaining moments, but those were few.


I don’t feel like I got what was being marketed about this film. It wasn’t at all what I expected. A little more depth in the story would have improved this movie drastically. It’s not horrible, but not at all what you think it is. Cute enough movie for a day at home alone, but I would probably save my coins on purchasing a movie ticket…C+



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