Movies in Review: “Zootopia”

ZootopiaThis was definitely this weekend’s hottest movie ticket. Theaters were packed with kids and adults wanting to check out Disney’s newest animation feature. My kid has been asking me every day since last week if we were going to see this one. I have never seen him this excited about a movie. I gotta admit, I was looking forward to this one just as much as he was. Once I saw the Sloth’s in the trailer, I was sold…lol

Omg…this movie was Waaaayyyy better than I expected it to be. I usually won’t knock any animation because there is always a very cute message for the kids to take home, but this movie was even more. The animation and characters were great. Kids always identify with animals, and these characters were some of the most interesting ones I have seen in a while. They were cute, funny, and visually appealing. Although I’m not surprised by this, I was a little thrown off by how great the story line was. It was one of the best written stories I’ve seen since Inside Out. Very well done. Hopps and Wilde had me cracking up. The Sloths were freaking hilarious as in the trailer…lol. Yeah…I kind of loved this movie.

I was expecting to see something cute and fun, but they definitely outdid themselves with the story, which I found to be exceptionally interesting and entertaining. As much as we all loved Inside Out, this one has some of that same value that should be seen by all…A+


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