Movies in Review: “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”

AllegiantfilmposterI don’t really have high expectations for films based from book trilogies. So I wasn’t expecting much from the Divergent Series, but I did find some entertainment value in the first 2 installments, enough to make me want to follow this trilogy to the end. However this 3rd installment ruined what the first 2 movies had going for it…smh.

It’s not that the first 2 movies were great, but they were at least halfway decent. This movie however was a snore fest. There was very little excitement in this film. The story was dull, and action scenes were scarce. I although initially I didn’t feel Shailene Woodley was the best fit for Trist, in the first 2 movies her performance shifted these thoughts, and made her enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately this installment only showed how unfit she is as Trist. She was just seemed dull and tired. Four was enjoyable, but all the action scenes involved him, pushing his character way over the top. The story was far less interesting than the first 2 movies, seeming to repeat the same cycle…Ugh. At a running time of over 2hrs, I could not wait for this nonsense to end.

I was hoping this movie was going to be better than what it was, but I left the theater more than disappointed. If you are following this series, I would wait for this installment to hit Redbox, or reach cable TV. Nothing about it is worth paying for a movie ticket to see…F+


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