Movies in Review: “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

Batman_v_Superman_posterThis has been one of the most anticipated movies so far this year. There was so much hype being placed around this film, I even started to get a little excited, but I knew better…lol. I think the movie had all the potential in the world to be great, but there were some things I just couldn’t get sold on. The first being Ben Affleck as Batman and the second was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Nothing about these actors in the trailer had me sold on their performance as either of these loved characters. I was just hoping I was wrong.


Ummmmmmm…unfortunately, I wasn’t. As beautiful as Gadot is, she was killing me as Wonder Woman. I cringed every time she did that stance that was supposed to make her look badass, but to me she just looked like someone wearing a very bad Halloween costume…smh. I was not pleased. I admit Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman was way better than his performance as Daredevil, but it still didn’t win me over. Am I the only one who thought he looked ridiculously juiced up? All I wanted to do was stick a pin in him and blow some of the air out…Ugh. The story also didn’t help win any points either. I was pretty much bored until the last 45min, which is not a good thing because the movie has a running time of 2.5 hrs! Eisenberg as Lex Luther was just ok, even he pushed it over the top a bit too much to make his performance really enjoyable. My favorite character, besides Superman was definitely Jeremy Irons as Alfred. I would love it if he could play this role in the Batman franchise…ijs.


Overall this movies was a blockbuster disappointment. I enjoyed the last 45min, but there wasn’t really anything spectacular with it either. The movie is being shown heavily in IMAX and 3D, although it’s visually not worth the extra cash. This movie was supposed to be better than good, but I’m having a hard time evening saying it was good…eh…C+


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