Movies in Review: “Miles Ahead”

Miles_Ahead_(film)How many of you got goosebumps watching the trailer for Miles Ahead, co-written, directed and starring the oh-so talented Don Cheadle as the iconic musician Miles Davis. You know when you put Cheadle in any role, you can expect nothing less than excellence. I was looking forward to seeing Cheadle back on the big screen and even more interested in see how he directed this biographical drama of the late Miles Davis. I was expecting nothing but greatness.

Applause to Cheadle who definitely did his thing in front and behind the camera for this film. I don’t think you could have picked a better actor to portray Mr. Davis. Cheadle morphed into this narcissistic musical genius. He had that raspy whisper of Davis’s on lock…lol. I think the film would have been much darker if it wasn’t centered around the love story of Davis and his first wife Frances. I enjoyed the way the film was directed, and most of the performances, especially Cheadle and McGregor. The story seemed to fly a bit all over the place, but it had good movement, so that really didn’t bother me. All I know is I walked out of the theater googling everything I could find on Davis. This film had me that interested in the “crazy” artist. Wow…Miles Davis was not one to play with…lol

Ladies and gentleman trust and believe you want to see this one. It wasn’t perfect, but you definitely won’t walk out of the theater disappointed. With only limited releases, some of you will be lucky to even get this in your area…B+


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