Movies in Review: “Mother’s Day”

Mother's_Day_posterWhen I watched the trailer for this film, it had my interest, if for nothing else but the cast. I figured it would be one of those cute girl flicks that would make me smile. I enjoy those types of movies :). I was a little surprised to see that critics have been giving it the thumbs down :(. But I had to see it for myself anyway. Critics and I don’t usually agree anyway, especially when it comes to films like these…ijs…

***WARNING*** CHICK FLICK ALERT*** I seriously don’t know how credible my review will be to most of you since this film touched on emotions people of the male variety would have a hard time understanding…ijs. There was nothing special about this movie, except that it was funny and cute as hell. I really enjoyed it. All my mommy emotions got pulled right into it. (Women without kids also may not find this movie to worth your while either.) There was no exceptional acting, but all performances were enjoyable. I didn’t even mind Kate Hudson, who is usually a dud in films. I smiled, I think I cried, well at least teared up, and I left the theater with a warm feeling inside. This was my type of movie. It has the same feeling as Valentine’s Day, and that other movie that came after Valentine’s Day. Both of which critics also hated, and I also enjoyed. ~shrugs

You don’t need to go running to the theater to see this one, but if you have a free afternoon, this is a cute matinee to catch. If you have a date with your mother, this would also be a cute movie to see. If you need a smile and are having a mother’s night out this one should be on your list. Mother’s Day is this weekend so why not see it with your special lady…B-


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