Movies in Review: “Money Monster”

Money_Monster_posterI think most of my intrigue for this movie came from the cast. Although Julia Roberts hasn’t starred in any blockbuster hits as of late, I’ve still enjoyed her performances in any role she tackles. George Clooney has always been one of my faves, and I was happy to see these two sharing the screen, and also interested to see Jodie Foster’s work in the director’s chair. She hasn’t directed a film since The Beaver in 2011, which I enjoyed. I wasn’t expected to be blown away by this movie, but I did expect to get my monies worth…and I did.

What I enjoyed most about this film was the running time. The movie was less than 2hrs, which helped to keep the story focused, short, and sweet. The story moved at a pace that helped to draw you in, along with the dialogue in the story. The acting was also a plus. Everyone was very strong in their respective roles. George Clooney and that dancing though?…lol…smh. Roberts and Clooney were masterful together. I also enjoyed the co-stars who added humor to the story, like the Lenny (the cameraman), Bree (the asst…Also Phylicia Rashad’s daughter Condola…way to go girl!), and Ron. Besides the characters, I thought the plot did a great job of building up. One scene that unexpectedly left was the one with Kyle and his girlfriend…wow…that was tough. ~Yikes

I definitely enjoyed this movie for all the right reasons. Another movie that will have you pissed and Wall Street, The System and the 1%…lol. It is a crime thriller drama that delivers on all angles. It’s nothing exceptional, but it has good entertainment value…B+


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