Movies in Review: “The Angry Birds Movie”

The_Angry_Birds_Movie_posterOh how excited my son was to go see this movie. Every time the trailer came on he was asking me if we were going to see it. He was so hyped, he even got me looking forward to seeing it. Although I wasn’t really sold on me actually enjoying the film. Come on! Taking Angry Birds the video game and making it into a movie? Whose bright idea was this? But the kid wanted to see it, so I knew I had to go.


Yeah…I kinda hated it. I mean not completely hated it, but I definitely found myself napping in the first half of the movie. As cute as you think Angry Birds would be, it was just a little dull. Most of the characters were dry. The only ones I enjoyed were Red, but his humor/sarcasm was geared more towards adults than kids, Chuck (the yellow bird) he was my favorite because he was a character. He was about the only thing that made the movie fun and entertaining. I also loved Maya Rudolph as Matilda. The voices for each character felt bigger than the characters themselves. I didn’t feel Sudeikis voice really fit Red at all. It felt like an odd match. The Eagle that was in the story was a fail. His character was hardly even necessary.


I thought the pigs would bring some life to the movie, but the action really didn’t kick in until they got to Piggy Island, then the movie was like watching the video game being played, which was actually kinda cute. Unfortunately the movie was already more than halfway over by then. But if there is any consolation, my kid seemed to love it, and so did the other little ones in the theater. They all clapped when it was over. I think I probably would give this movie a lower rating, but the kids really enjoyed it so I’ll give it a C+…lol


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