Movies in Review: “X-Men: Apocalypse”

X-Men_-_ApocalypseYes I know I’m late with this review, but I had a very busy holiday weekend, so forgive me. I’m sure most of you have already seen this movie as it was this weekend’s hottest movie ticket. I get excited about X-Men movies…always. For some reason, the trailer for this one didn’t leave me with the same feeling. I was kind hoping that the trailer was just horrible, and the movie would actually be good, but I had the feeling this wasn’t the case…


What in the world??? Ok…first off this movie was way too freaking long for what it was…Wow…almost 3hrs!?…smh. I don’t know what the hell was going on at the beginning of this movie. It jumped into a bunch of hodge podge stuff that didn’t really make sense until about halfway through the movie. The movie then jumps showing different stories of where the characters are up to now. Nothing was really in-depth or developed very well. Magneto and his family??? Wth…That was odd. Why was there so much focus on Mystic? Like really…why? 


One thing I disliked the most was there were a number of new mutants introduced with very little character development. I definitely want to know more of Storm’s story besides the quick introduction and her quick induction as one of the Horsemen. I can’t say I was a fan of the acting in this film either. I disliked the actor who played Cyclops. He was so corny. I seriously they would have gotten someone better to do him justice. Olivia Munn looked silly as Psylocke, as did Alexandra Shipp as Storm. All of their movements looked so mechanically with their corny superhero stances. Don’t get me started on Nightcrawler…Ugh! That kid was not the right choice. Such lackluster performances, I really wanted to cry…smh. Can someone tell me why they never get a younger actor to play Wolverine? It looks extra strange seeing Wolverine so old, and Stryker so young in these new X-Men films, when it’s clear Stryker was originally much older…ijs


I did however find enjoyment in Beast (as always), Quicksilver (although his scenes didn’t compare to that kitchen scene from his first movie), and Jean Grey, who showed out finally at the end. But none of this was enough to change the disappointment I felt for the rest of the film. It wasn’t awful, but it still wasn’t great, and definitely my least favorite installment from this franchise…C+


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