Movies in Review: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows”

Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_Out_of_the_Shadows_posterOk so I’m having a hard time writing a review for this sequel because it seems that critics and fans felt this movie was a little better than this one, and I truly remember liking the first movie, and this one, not so much…lol. Unfortunately I really don’t remember much about the first movie, except that I liked it enough that I was super excited when I saw the trailer for the sequel ~shrugs. No one but me, and my kid, really seemed excited about its release anyway. Unlike everyone else, I enjoyed the first, and I was expecting the same for this one.


Bleh…ok…I have no idea why I disliked this movie more than the other. All I know is there wasn’t much about it I enjoyed. For some reason Megan Fox definitely annoyed me more in this one than the first, with her poor acting and over-sexed persona…smh. I also felt I enjoyed the action scenes more in the first than in this one too. I remember there being some really great scenes in the first movie, and in this film, the action was just ok. I wasn’t a fan of the 2 characters that were changed into animals. They were obnoxious. The new character they added, Casey, was nice to look at, but he didn’t really add much to the story. I also remember adoring the Turtles in first movie, but found them to be drab in this movie. They were cute, funny, and exceptionally entertaining in the first movie, but didn’t really shine in this one. The only new character I liked was surprisingly, Tyler Perry as the scientist Baxter. He worked well in this character.


I definitely got less than I expected, but did catch a few Zzzzzzz’s. I found myself dosing off more than once for this movie, and it wasn’t entertaining enough to even keep my kid glued to his seat. Fans and critics enjoyed this one more than the first, although neither movie received an exceptional rating. I however was bored to death by this one ~shrugs…D+


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